The best Indian Restaurant in Brisbane

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Stop at our Sitar Indian Restaurant in Brisbane or outer suburbs ... dine in, pick up takeaway and take advantage of our Sitar Express home delivery service …

Sitar Indian Restaurants are one of the best Indian restaurants in Brisbane offering authentic Indian food prepared with traditional methods and using the best ingredients. There are three great ways to experience Sitar Indian Restaurant’s Indian cuisine; dine in, pick up takeaway or experience our home delivery service. Find out about the advantages of each service Sitar Indian Restaurants provide:

Dining in: Looking for an evening out? Dine in at a Sitar Indian Restaurant Brisbane and enjoy eating truly native Indian cuisine from all regions of India in a unique setting. Each of the Sitar Indian restaurants in Brisbane are tastefully decorated. Traditional Indian artefacts and memorabilia are scattered throughout, complemented by original Indian artworks paying homage to the Indian culture.

Pick up: Want to ‘pick up a Sitar’ on the way home? Experience the convenience of picking up your Indian takeaway with no delivery fee or minimum order requirements. Browse our menus online and order online, phone our staff or speak to one of our restaurant staff when you come to the restaurant to ask any questions about our menu or help you to choose an Indian dish.

Takeaway: Don’t want to step out of the house? We will serve up the freshest and best Indian takeaway food straight to your door. Our home delivery Indian food is made to order by our expert Sitar chefs and because they are made with the freshest ingredients, the presentation and taste is always restaurant quality. Remember our menus are all online and you can place an online order for added convenience as well.

Sitar Indian Restaurants in Brisbane will cater to your every taste sensation and mood whether you want dine in, pick up food for a function or order takeaway for a cosy night in. All our meals at the Sitar Indian Restaurants or Sitar Express are prepared to order so that you are assured of the finest quality Indian food ... every single time. And remember Indian food is always nicer when someone else cooks it!

Far more than just another Indian curry house, Sitar Indian Restaurants offer the very best Indian food using the finest local produce and a myriad of imported spices to create the quality and flavours unique to Sitar. Discover more about our authentic Indian cuisine , find your nearest Sitar Indian Restaurant or Indian takeaway,Sitar Express, or check out our current Sitar Special Offers . Make an online enquiry or call your nearest Sitar now.

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